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Buying Groups

A Buying Group is when you get together with your neighbours and try to fill up your tanks at the same time to create a larger order for the oil supplier. In the heating oil industry, larger orders cost less as it reduces transportation costs to travel to a village or town and deliver to multiple addresses.

What are the benefits of joining an Oil Buying Group?

  • Transport cost savings are passed to the customer in the form of lower oil prices for all customers
  • Regular deliveries
  • Advance delivery notice of upcoming delivery dates enabling you to forward plan
  • Reduced carbon emissions and ‘tanker traffic’ in your community
  • Order by phone or online
  • Dedicated staff to deal with your queries and trusted and friendly tanker drivers you can rely on to make your delivery.

The concept is simple. If you and your friends or your entire village would like to benefit from the lowest prices available, then get together your orders and give us a call for our best price.

Oil Baron logoWe are proud to be sole supplier to ‘The Oil Baron Buying Group’, to whom we delivered millions of litres over the last few years.