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Fuel Additives

Vaporising Boiler Additive

Ideal for AGA and range cookers users.

This can be used with any kerosene boiler.

Vaporising Boiler Additive

How it works:

  • Lowers carbon build-up
  • Stabilises the fuel
  • Inhibits sludge formation
  • Keeps fuel fresher for longer
  • Reduces service problems
  • Improves system efficiency

One 200 ml bottle will treat 1000 litres. We can arrange for the driver to bring the additive with your delivery.

Exocet® Anti-Bug For Gas Oil

Exocet Anti-bug

Exocet Anti-Bug is used for the control of microbiological contamination. The first sign of microbiological contamination ( the ‘diesel bug’) is often continuous blocking of filters with a slimy substance, which can range in colour from black to light brown.

Exocet Anti-Bug can be dosed into any fuel at the time of delivery as a ‘maintenance’ dose to inhabit microbiological activity in clean tanks.

1 Litre treats 2500lts at a kill dose and 50,000 litres as a maintenance dose.

Product is available in volumes of 200ml and 500ml.

Exocet® Diesel Supreme

Exocet Diesel Supreme

Exocet Diesel Supreme fulfils two functions:

  1. to act as an additive package for unadditised, terminal-sourced DERV (basic EN590 diesel)
  2. to upgrade retail diesel to premium grade fuel

Exocet® Gas Oil Extra

Exocet Gas Oil Extra

Formulated to allow modern diesel engines calibrated on EN590 DERV to run on red diesel, Gas Oil Extra also compensates for some of the potentially harmful effects of a higher FAME content. Also enhances performance of older vehicles.

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